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Re: Greasy Wire Wheels

Subject: Re: Greasy Wire Wheels
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:10:44 EDT
  Brake cleaner will work fine, if the paint is sound. Some brands are
much better than others, I have found, but they are cheap enough so you
can afford a few cans to experiment. I'm sorry, but I forget which are
such losers as to be avoided--must have just tossed them out in
frustration. 3M is pretty good.
  Carol, whom I think has an MGA, posted to the list last year the
information that she put silicone on the nipples inside the hub to retain
grease. You can imagine the comments to that! Others have since reported
that it works.

On Wed, 22 Apr 98 20:39:02 -0700 Joseph Cianciotti <>
>I guess I greased the hubs of my B a little too much.  Now the wire 
>wheels have a nice dark coating of grease and dirt.  What's the 
>easiest and most effective way to clean them?  Thanks in advance.
>67 B Roadster

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