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FINALLY, Old Speckled Hen & A PRICE!

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: FINALLY, Old Speckled Hen & A PRICE!
From: MGMagnette <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 20:45:52 EDT
        I went into work today and sitting proudly on the top of the beer pile 
back was a case of "Old Speckled Hen".  Here is how I am going to have to
price the beer...
   6-Pack, $9.99 (retail price I'm paying) + shipping which can range from
$3.10 for people in NH area, to $7.80 for those in California.  See bottom to
see how much to send.
   Single Bottle, which tells where Morland got the name "Old Speckled Hen"
will be $7, postage included mailed anywhere.


I will not be doing this for long, and if you are looking to have some to save
and have some to drink, order two six packs because this product is apparently
a VERY SLOW SELLER, few stores have picked it up, and could be discontinued at
any moment by our store's supplier because of slow sales.  Send your checks,
made payable to:

   John Elwood
   28 Christmas Tree Circle
   Bedford, NH 03110

I will  do my bbest to make certain that your beer arrives in one piece,
wrapping each bottle in paper towels or whatever it takes.  If one or more
breaks, please do not expect a refund because I am not making a profit and
myself only make $6.50/hr at the grocery store I'm buying this stuff from.  
 --- How Much To Send??  What I'll do is charge everyone the same price no
matter where you live and refund the difference on the shipping minus 50 cents
for tape labels paper towels etc.  That would be about $20.  Realize that I
might (big might) be getting a deal on the beer at cost (around $5 a six pack
I thinks) and your shipping charges may be seriously cheap, like to Vermont,
only $4 shipping so of that $20 you will might be getting most of it back.
People in California, shipping to your state is expensive, and don't expect
much of anything back in fact I might be taking a bit of a loss.

Thanks for your interest, and remeber to enjoy your MG and enjoy your MG beer,
but never enjoy them together.


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