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Misc comments on list problems

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Subject: Misc comments on list problems
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 20:03:41 -0400
Sorry to reply in batch mode, but I only get the digest.

Re: sway bar/ brake lines- the late model sway bar is a terrible design,
largly ineffectual, and a real pain to retrofit, The long arms & soft
rubber mounts delay  & limit the effect of the bar. Several aftermarket
versions are available by John Hopkins, M&G International & others,
which are bolt on, & more effective. Remember, that the rear bar must be
matched to the front, or you will induce too much under or oversteer.

Walker, in addition to making mufflers & pipes, makes clamps. The
neatest one(OF expression) is a band about 4" long that is stainless
steel, & wraps the joint, overlapping 1-2" each side. I have them
installed on my ss V8 exhaust system, and dissassembly/ reassembly is a
breeze- no deformation of pipes. I know they are available in 2, 2-1/4,
2-1/2, & 3" from Summit & Jeggs, do not know if they are made in 1-3/4".
Pricey @ $8.95, but well worth it in my book.

Jim Stuart

2 V8's, no dollars or sense

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