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Re: MGA cooling question (long)

Subject: Re: MGA cooling question (long)
From: JMerz140 <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:51:43 EDT
I set up the same Kelsey type coolant recovery system as suggested by Bud
Krueger and it fits in place very well.  I think Skip said he mounted his tank
by the side of a smaller than original sized battery but I liked Bud's plan
better.  I also ran the rubber tubing on the cool side of the engine rather
than on the hot exhaust side and crossed over in the lower front.  I haven't
gotten my car on the road yet this year due to some unfinished mods that are
just being completed.  I'm anxious to see the effect of this and another
cooling system mod I incorporated over the winter.  Bud and I have agreed to
exchange the results of our efforts.  More later,  Jim

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