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Re: MGB Wiper Blade Fling

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Subject: Re: MGB Wiper Blade Fling
From: RJohn50603 <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:16:43 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-26 20:18:32 EDT,

<< You have three wipers on your B??  Is this a US thing, or common in other
 parts of the world too?  I've never seen one here in Australia (not that
 I'm a particular authority on the matter...)!
 ** Rob Meredith BComp(CompSc)  BComp(InfoSys)(Hons)
 ** PhD Candidate
 ** School Of Information Management And Systems
 ** Monash University  AUSTRALIA >>

I think that the US had a specification that a certain percentage of the front
window must be wiped and that is why the US B's had the third wiper added. And
yes, it does seem to push the motor close to its limits.

Take the motor and gearbox apart, grease it well. Then oil all three wiper
shafts from the outside of the car. Turn them on an let the oil work in. Add
more if necessary.

This procedure got me another five years out of my motor on my daily driver.
About two years ago I did have to get a new one.

R. Johnson - Dallas

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