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No More Old Speckled Hen...

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: No More Old Speckled Hen...
From: MGMagnette <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:45:14 EDT
Our local independant grocer is permitted to order a certain number of cases
(of anything) special, without going through our distributor, on a trial
basis.  After that the dealer is required to pay our distributor a slotting
fee to become a regular item, or cease and desist shipping the product!  What
does this mean?  Old Speckled Hen is now unobtainium after we get the last few
cases we are permitted to order.  SO, if your check is in the mail you will
get your beer first come first serve until it's gone.  Please send no more
checks.  Those who have sent checks and for whom there is no product, I will
do one of the following...  Put in shredder with  my old tax files and be done
with it, or shred them and mail them back, or write return to sender on your
envelope and refuse delivery from mailman.... Your choice!  Sorry this didn't
work out as well as it could have but several happy listers will get thier
beer, others I will try to find another source.  For those of you who think
this sounds fishy please post your concerns so that fellow listers who know me
can refute it!  


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