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Re: MG Only

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Subject: Re: MG Only
From: "Scott McKorkle" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:31:44 -0700
Assuming they still exist, the area code for this location would now be
253, instead of 206.  I'd be interested to hear if they are still in

Scott McKorkle
1978 MGB

> I used to live in  Spanaway, I used them a few times.  I am now in
> Dallas, it just so happens that I kept there business card simply
> because it was cool.  It is basically a photo of a GT and a T Series in
> a park...Anyway, the number and adress was/is:
> 206-565-0793
> 2912 69th ave W
> Bldg. D
> Tacoma, WA 98466
> John Zumsteg wrote:
> > I just tried to get a phone number for a company called "MG Only" in
> > Tacoma, and was told there isn't a number for any such company. I
> > last called there about a year ago; does anyone know if this company
> > is still in business? Renamed? Gone the way of the MG?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > John

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