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Re: Badges

To: George Merryweather <>
Subject: Re: Badges
From: Philip Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 20:50:58 -0700
George Merryweather wrote:
> Due to my current geographic 'condition', I have access to a number of
> reasonably priced manufacturers.  I am currently pursuing manufacturers of
> cloisonné badges that you described.  These are similar to the NAMGAR and
> The Texas MG Register badges.  These are the more expensive style of badge
> with the 'color' inlaid in the metal, not painted on.  From a point of
> reference, if you look in your handy Moss catalog, page A6 has painted on
> badges, 18.95 each, and on page A7, a cloisonné badge for 29.95.  I have
> taken one of the TMGR badges, (I'm a member), as a sample.  We sell the
> badge for 37.50.  I can buy the same badge over here for well under $15.
> The primary issue is the quantity desired.
> If you would like me to get a quote for you, I would be happy to.  If you
> could send me a diagram, scan, etc. of what you want the badge to look like,
> the colors involved, and the requested quantity, I'll see what I can do.
> Let me know.
> G-
> George Merryweather
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> Sent:   Wednesday, April 29, 1998 5:39 AM
> To:     Frank R. Krajewski;
> Subject:        Badges
> I am chairman of our local club and we are trying to find a
> source that would make a badge to place on our grills, badge
> bars etc... do you think you could advise me on where we might
> find a company that does this?  If not I understand, but would
> be grateful.

George any ideas on this would be appreciated.
at the last minute I decided that I had to go to Grand Rapids MI, right 
past John Twist's shop. I didn't have time to disconnect my carbs from my 
1974 1/2 MGBGT to take with me for the badly needed rebuild so I got a 
local mechanic to come by last night and remove the necessary bits. When 
I got to Twist's I realized that the mechanic had packed only the carbs 
and not the linkages and other fixtures. When I got back tonight I found 
them balancing on the valve cover. Now the question - does anyone know of 
something that these parts could be soaked in to make them look "like 
new" ! I have heard that TOMATO KETCHUP works very well! anyone got any 
regards Padre
PS John is doing very well after his surgery.

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