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To: "Michael Razor" <>,
Subject: RE: Badges
From: "George Merryweather" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 07:31:27 +0800
Due to my current geographic 'condition', I have access to a number of
reasonably priced manufacturers.  I am currently pursuing manufacturers of
cloisonné badges that you described.  These are similar to the NAMGAR and
The Texas MG Register badges.  These are the more expensive style of badge
with the 'color' inlaid in the metal, not painted on.  From a point of
reference, if you look in your handy Moss catalog, page A6 has painted on
badges, 18.95 each, and on page A7, a cloisonné badge for 29.95.  I have
taken one of the TMGR badges, (I'm a member), as a sample.  We sell the
badge for 37.50.  I can buy the same badge over here for well under $15.
The primary issue is the quantity desired.
If you would like me to get a quote for you, I would be happy to.  If you
could send me a diagram, scan, etc. of what you want the badge to look like,
the colors involved, and the requested quantity, I'll see what I can do.
Let me know.


George Merryweather

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I am chairman of our local club and we are trying to find a
source that would make a badge to place on our grills, badge
bars etc... do you think you could advise me on where we might
find a company that does this?  If not I understand, but would
be grateful.

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