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So. California track events

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Subject: So. California track events
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:31:45 -0800
Here are some inexpensive track events in May=2E
These events are open to street or race cars=2E
For more info=2E, call the numbers given or send me
an E-mail=2E

Autocross practice day in San Diego, Saturday 5/2

Porsche Owners Club at Streets of Willow, Saturday 5/9
**POC events are a blast!**

Lone Pine Time Trials, Sat=2E and Sun=2E 5/16-17
Don't have their phone # with me, but send me an E-mail and I'll look it up=2E

Holtville Airport/Raceway practice, 7 days a week
Hotlville is two hours from S=2ED=2E, four from L=2EA=2E
This is a great track for practicing=2E I'm going this Sunday, 5/2=2E
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