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Fabric sunroofs

Subject: Fabric sunroofs
From: Michael MacLeod <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 15:52:48 -0600

I just had one installed.  I purchased it from:
Canadian Sunroof Company
Carl Mullin
35 - Wellington Ave.
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 4H5
Voice: (250) 380-7234

He keeps them in Washington State and will ship them to you from there.

It is a NOS British made sunroof.  Excellent quality.  Not real easy to
install (first time)  The shop I used is an excellent LBC restoration
shop and they took 6 - 7 hours for a 1st time effort.  They reckon they
can trim that time somewhat, but they are picky about there work.

These roofs were sold in Canada during the life of the cars and then
purchased by Carl when they no longer sold.  I believe he said he bought
several hundred of these things at one time.  I think there is something
under 200 left.

Let me know if I can pass on more information.  

BTW, they are not the most waterproof roofs in the world.  I wouldn't
drive the car through a Car Wash.  I haven't had the opportunity to rain
test mine yet but I do notice a few drips when hitting it hard with
hose.  It might be just fine in the rain.  But, what the heck, who
want's to be dry ALL the time????

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