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List Hat

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: List Hat
From: LSheeley <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 15:43:23 EDT
Dear MG List:

I read the list rules about vendor and business posting to your list and
apologize first if this is considered spam but I think your list will find
this info helpful. 

I am a Porsche/VW enthusiast (MGB owner in college) and have started a part-
time business (in my basement) monograming mostly hats for VW, Porsche and
British car shows. My college senior son has a 59 A Coupe we are restoring and
with college expense and no disposable income, it prompted starting this hat
thing. I am currently on 2 VW bus lists and both had a List Member decal to
show they were members of their list when driving their bus.

After attending several VW shows and having bus list guys come up and
introduce themselves, the idea occured to several of us that it would be nice
to have a List Hat so a list member would know instantly when meeting someone
at a car show that they were a member of the list. Thus, the List Hat was

To see a sample of both bus List Hats check out:

I don't have a web page yet but am planning next winter. Would you MG guys be
interested in an affordable list hat (if you don't already have one)? There is
no upfront digitizing charge--generally $50 to $100--charged by commercial hat
places and members could order directly from me and I would be glad to collect
and forward a license fee back to your list for list maintance cost. I have a
money-back guarantee with no takers in almost 2 yrs. Car show guys seem to be
really pleased with my work.

If you have an existing logo and it is not too complex, I can scan and
digitize it as you can see from the two samples. I will watch for response on
the list or you can email direct. Again I apologize for not following your
rules and hope I don't get flamed for spaming.

P.S. I have vended the last two years at the British Gathering in Townsend,
Tn. and am on good relations with that group. 


Lynn Sheeley
Lynn's ABCs    Custom car togs for the discriminating auto enthusiast
Knoxville, Tenn.
1960 356B Porsche coupe

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