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RE: Trailer regs: New Jersey and Massachusetts

To: "doug russell" <>,
Subject: RE: Trailer regs: New Jersey and Massachusetts
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 16:31:42 -0400
At 01:34 PM 4/30/98 UT, doug russell wrote:
>I thought that 'Parkways' in New York and New Jersey excluded, horse
>commercial traffic and cars with trailers.  Perhaps this is yet another ploy 
>to keep us fine PA folk out of these states!
>Wondering in PA (Where America Begins - well that's what the sign says) ...
>Dr. Doug 
><SNIP>.  That said, use the Garden State parkway instead of the turnpike
>traveling through New Jersey with a trailer.  You won't loose too much time 
>and it is more scenic.  It is expensive otherwise!!
>Good Luck

The Garden State Parkway does allow trailers being pulled by cars. However
the toll is doubled for two axle trailers, and $.50 for single axle
(instead of $.35) 

I agree the Parkway is beautiful and the Turnpike is ugly as the Turnpike
goes through the industrial corridor that stretches from Philly to NYC.
Jersey is quite nice once you are out of the corridor.  But note the two
roads go different places. Also note that yes we try to keep you Pensy's
out. That sign "Where America begins" is an insult to the states east of
Pa. What are we chopped Liver? 


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