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RE: Trailer regs: New Jersey and Massachusetts

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Subject: RE: Trailer regs: New Jersey and Massachusetts
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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 20:26:35 -0400
If you live in Massachusettes and pull a trailer on the highways and byways
of the Great Commonwealth you must of course pay your dues and have the
appropriate license plate, pregistration and title.  Now(this is the part I
am not 100% sure on but the AAA or other motor club in your area could
probably update you) if you were jusrt arriving from out of state and the
state you formerly resided in did not require said trailer to be duley
licensed, registered and titled, and did not have any provisions for such
licensure etc then the Great Commonwealth of Massachuseetes probably
wouldn't complain too much as long as you properly licensed said trailer
within a reasonable amount of time, or ceased to use it until that was done.
That said, use the Garden State parkway instead of the turnpike when
traveling through New Jersey with a trailer.  You won't loose too much time
and it is more scenic.  It is expensive otherwise!!

Good Luck

Safety Fast!!

Ross Overcash, 74B, NAMGBR 2-1172, Ayer, MA

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> >We are giving my son and his fiancee my wife's GT for graduation.  I will
> >drive it to Ohio, he will take it from there.  Just bought a
> trailer to put
> >with it so we can deliver all his belongings.
> >Small trailers must be liscensed in Arizona.  My boat trailer
> did not need
> >to be registered in Kansas.  What are the applicable regulations in Mass
> >and NJ?  The trailer happens to be a boat trailer to which I shall add a
> >plywood deck.... does the fact that it is a boat trailer make any
> >difference???
> >
> >I appreciate any help
> >Bill
> >
> >
> New Jersey requires a licence plate on trailers. In N.J. they are
> different
> in lettering than car plates. I don't know what the effect would be on a
> different state car pulling it through N.J.  Wait to you see the toll on
> the NJ Turnpike. If the trailer has two axels, you are charged like an 18
> wheeler! Good luck.
> Mike

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