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Re: MGB Starting Problem Cured (Long)

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Subject: Re: MGB Starting Problem Cured (Long)
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 17:56:17 +0100
If you put in a new battery, and it was fully charged, and it cranked slow
out of the box, so to speak, then I think you are still looking at a bad
connection in the main cable or the ground straps - intermittent it would

or if that doesn't work try

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Date: 30 July 1999 13:44
Subject: MGB Starting Problem Cured (Long)

>Hi Gang!
>I thought I would drop the list a line and tell you about a problem that I
>have been having with my 79 MGB.
>Three weeks ago, I went out for lunch, and when I came out of the
>the MG wouldn't start, only the starter solenoid would click.  I got a
>and took it home, filled the battery with water, and put it on the charger.
>Everything was fine after that until the night before last.  I got in after
>work, turned the key, and the engine turned over slowly, and finally
> Yesterday afternoon, the car wouldn't start at all.
>I purchased/installed a new battery, but still got the cranks slow, then
>starts, or sometimes, the no start.  Checked both the battery cables, and
>starter, all appeared fine.
>Then I checked the wiring at the alternator, and one of the wires had a bit
>of missing insulation, and the wire was a bit frayed.  I repaired it and
>is fine now!!!  I just can't figure out why my ignition light never
>illuminated (It does work).
>Just thought I'd pass the story along, in case someone else out there is
>having a similar problem.
>Nels Ferre
>Lake Mary, FL
>79 MGB

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