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Fueltanks, rearends, BDOG ...

Subject: Fueltanks, rearends, BDOG ...
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 17:47:44 -0700
On my list of things I'd like to do with my B is to replace
the fuel tank with a fuel cell.  Ideally, it would have a fuel
level sensor, fit in the stock location and contain more fuel
than stock.  
A) is it at all advisable to modify a fuel tank and install a bladder
foam etc?  Possibly remove the lower portion and use the top for 
mounting while fabricating a box for the bladder?  Any idea of what this
would cost?

Another dream conversion of mine is to get a rear axle with limited slip,
disc brakes and watts linkage.  I bought the basic parts for $200 when I 
thought the rear end in my Rx7 GSL went bad.  The gotcha is that the 
axle is 5.25" wider than an MGB.  Have any of you hot rodders ever had
an axle cut down?  What did it cost?  I know that narrowing live axles
is a time honored hot rodding tradition, but I've never been involved in
such a project before.

Alternatively, I suppose that I could just put mondo fender flares on my 
GT, but I'd rather keep it looking stock.

Yes, I know the bolt pattern is different, I was planning on having new 
lug holes drilled 45 degrees off of the stock Rx7 pattern.  It may be 
cheaper though just to have custom axles made rather than cutting, drilling
etc.  Any ideas of cost?

I've gone through another weekend of incredible frustration.  My replacement
piston ring did not arrive on Friday because UPS does not accept cash for
COD.  I am livid.  I'm asking people to just send a couple of packages 
via someone else rather than UPS.  I know that this won't even register as
a blip in their profit, it's the principle of the thing.

As I feared/expected, the fuel pump did not respond kindly to sitting idle 
for four years.  One thing I love about the SU pumps is that when they do 
die, it's about a 20 minute job to pull it out, file the points and get it
working again.

I had been looking forward to going to Palo Alto on Sept 11th (since it 
doesn't look like I'll be in Australia that weekend after all).  My car
should be running, and broken in by then.  Saturday I got a notice in
the mail that the driving school I teach at will be running the 3 mile
course at Thunderhill backwards that day.  Do I want to show my somewhat
seedy looking MGB or do I want to drive my freshly rebuilt street/track car
on a track configuration that rarely gets run, when it's been almost
a year since my last chance to drive on the track?  Oh well, I guess I'll
miss y'all.  Maybe I'll make it to Palo Alto next year.

The person who dies with the most toys doesn't win. The winner is the
person that has the most fun playing with toys, whoever they belong to.                       

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