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Re: 75B electrical fun

To: "Scott/Michelle" <>, <>
Subject: Re: 75B electrical fun
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 20:35:09 +0100
Have a look at or if that doesn't
work try and select 'Spanners', 'Electrics' and 'Turn


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From: Scott/Michelle <>
To: <>
Date: 02 August 1999 20:12
Subject: 75B electrical fun

>Hello to the list!
>I have been on my vacation for the past few weeks, and my pc has been down.
>While off work I finally got my B on the road...or almost, after four plus
>years of sedentary rotting she finally came to life. Much to my dismay the
>master cylinder and slave must be order to get her to stay
>gear!..or out of the case may be.<LOL>
>Now, the tachometer runs every now and then, and I can't seem to get the
>turn signals to run. The hazzards work, the headlights work, the dash
>work, and so on, but no turn signals. Does anyone have a Lucas insight
>here??? I have no clue as to why they wont go, I have replaced all of the
>fuses on the fuse block....with 20 amp fuses,...17 amp arent readily
>available. I have yet to take the stick apart...due to sheer fear of what i
>might if anyone could give ne an insight I would greatly appreciate
>it!!! Is there an inline fuse for these items that I missed...or perhaps it
>is in the column...and i haven't seen it yet? the 100 plus degree weather
>keeps me away during most daylight hours, so trouble shooting here saves me
>stinging sweat in the eyes. <LOL>

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