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Where can I get a Brake Drum puller?

Subject: Where can I get a Brake Drum puller?
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 22:37:30 EDT
The young whippersnappers in the automotive part stores don't know what I'm 
talking about. But back in the days of front drum brakes, I remember 
something like a gear puller that attached to the drum studs and used a large 
screw to pull the drum loose by pushing against the axle. Last time I took 
the front drums off of the TD, it took hours of coaxing with a mallet to get 
them loose. I swore I'd never do it that way again. Well it's time for a 
brake job again.

Is this puller available anymore? Is it the proper tool for the job? Should 
the drums be that difficult to remove in the first place?

Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
52 MGTD - under DIY restoration NEMGTR #11470
71 MGB   - AMGBA #96-12029, NAMGBR #7-3336

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