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Another MGB future fan

Subject: Another MGB future fan
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 19:02:22 PDT
I put the word out for the grand children, six who are teenagers that want
the MGB, to come this weekend to help me with some work around the place.
The only one who showed up was a 15 year girl who is taking drivers training
this fall. I told her she couldn't have the car when it is finished. She
said that since she was the only one to show up to work Granmom said she
could have it,{Granmom is the one with the money} She worked her tail off
all day and did everything I told her to do. I'll have to find something
else when this one is finished.

 R. Sexson
 74.5 MGB 
 98 buick
 99 chev surb. 

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