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Re: Repair estimate

Subject: Re: Repair estimate
From: David Macedonia <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 20:41:53 PDT
Are you sure that all you need are floor pans? My guess is that ones he gets 
started, he'll find problems in the sills, so that $2,910 might be the least 
you'll pay. Even so, if my memory serves me right, John Twist told me once 
that he charges $1,000 for a complete sill and floor pad replacement (you 
may want to check that figure). If that's true, $2,910 may be about right.

David Macedonia
1966 MGB (in restoration)
Crofton, MD

>Subject: Repair estimate
>Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 16:22:02 PDT
>The body shop guy finly got the price, to do the body repairs, and paint, 
>me. It seems a little high .
>Here is what he is going to do.
>1.  replace left floor pan
>2.          right floor pan
>3.          left dog leg
>4.          right dog leg
>5.  repair right latch post
>6.  repair/refinish inner trunk
>                     dog house
>                     door jams
>                     floor assembly
>7.  repaint the car, clear coat/cut and buff.
>    Total Price $2910.00
>This man has repaired MGB's before.
>Does this price seem excessive?
>This shop has a good reputation for their paint jobs.
>R.B. Sexson
>74.5 B

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