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RE: MC, buy or rebuild, 77B

To: Tom McLaughlin <>, MG list <>
Subject: RE: MC, buy or rebuild, 77B
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 07:26:29 -0600
> All,
> This will be another first for me.  I need to rebuild the brake master
> cylinder.  Moss lists 180-785 as the repair kit which is what I think I
> need.  Are there any gotchas?

Tom this is a very challenging job.  I called Parts America, they quoted me
$35.99 for a rebuilt dual line (no boost) master cylinder.  That's a
difference of about $20.00 between a rebuilt MC and a kit; money well spent
in my opinion.

Larry Hoy, Denver, CO USA
1970 MGB Daily Driver ~ 1967 MGB Vintage Racer ~ 1969 MGB Undergoing V8

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