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Re: Fuel Pump Change

Subject: Re: Fuel Pump Change
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 21:02:39 +0000
Chris Attias wrote:
> Well, I finally got around to replacing my non-OEM electronic Facet
> fuel pump with a Carter type inline rotary type.  I remember asking
> the List a while back if there were any successful attempts at
> quieting that "angry woodpecker" sound that Facets make,  and I guess
> the answer is "no".  I had ruled out going back to an SU because A)
> the piping had been butchered by a PO installing a HUGE AC pump (the
> compression fittings were gone),  B) that the reliability of points
> left something to be desired (although I understand SU/Burlen has now
> fixed that electronically), and C) that SUs are darn expensive.

I fixed my "woodpecker" Facet by replacing it with an SU... and I have
never looked back.

A little more expensive but it just seems to 'feel' more solid and
reliable.  And it has proven very reliable over the past six months of
throwing my little yellow beast around under some very extreme
conditions.  Just that extra confidence was worth the few extra dollars
and besides, it *is* an SU so it just seems... RIGHT.

The Facet was some tiny piece of electronics that looked and sounded
flimsy (and annoyed the heck out of me).


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