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Re: clutch replacement??

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Subject: Re: clutch replacement??
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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 07:32:01 -0700

Since the clutch is attached to the back of the engine, removal of the
gearbox is not necessary. Assuming you are reasonable flexible, you can lean
into the engine bay after the engine is out to get at the front of the
gearbox to replace the throwout bearing.

The only possible advantage in removing both the engine and gearbox together
as a unit is that some people find it hard to correctly align the input
shaft with the clutch disc and pilot bushing while dangling the engine in
the bay, trying to aim at a gearbox that is supported only by its rear
mounts and the jack on which the bell-housing is resting. Bolting the
gearbox up to the back of the engine while the latter is sitting on the
floor is quite a bit easier.

British Sportscar Center
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Date: Monday, August 02, 1999 9:30 PM
Subject: clutch replacement??

>Ok im going to have sometime to change the clutch in my recntly purchased
>so should i remove the eng & trans or just the eng ?  I have a cherry
>& all the tools to ,
>Ray Huff.
>741/2 bgt for sale 76mgb 79 mgbawaiting a v-8 78 parts car still parting it

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