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Lowdown on $200 1500 engines

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Subject: Lowdown on $200 1500 engines
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 16:01:58 -0400

I'm going to pass on these engines, even though they seem like a good deal.
Just don't have the finances.  Besides,  a tranny is first order.

He has two engines.  One has 20 over pistons,  but needs cam journal work.
THe other is stock,  but he claims it needs no work.  Bottom end just done.
He also has a whole bunch of other drivetrain parts as he is converting over
to a wankel.  He wants $500 for everything.  I may take his tranny, though.
If anyone is interested in this,  I would appreciate it if you would leave
the tranny for me.  He is located in Boston (or just outside).

This is the last message I received from the seller.  It describes the parts
relatively well.  

<insert here>

from eric mumford <>

The engine conditions are as follows: the cam froze on the modified one and
i had to have it yanked out by a machine shop.  you'll probably want to have
it machined for cam bearings -- yeah, this costs money.  

the SECOND block has all the parts.  i have the head, i have the crank --
the block HAS been machined and honed, so has the crank, its' ready to be
put together -- you'd have to purchase a bearing & gasket set ($120??) and
get a valve job (i'd recommend it anyway).  maybe have the block machined 20
over so you can use those flattop pistons.

you'll need to put some time into it man to do it right.  oil pressure SUCKS
on the 1500.  its just an awful design.  that's why i'm going mazda, man.
turbocharged bridgeported rotary with a 5speed and short throw kit.  gonna
freakin fly.

i have a tranny if you want it.  take it for $100.  that'll beat any repair
charge i guarantee.  if you buy ALL OF MY STUFF, i'll give you the whole lot
for $500 because you seem like a decent guy just looking to fix up his MG.
everything midget i got is yours.  engines, parts, tranny.  shipping is
extra though, and that's gonna kill you, so make a roadtrip up here and take
the stuff away.

you never want to use used rod bearings.  as far as the cam journals and
thrust washer journals, i am NOT going to guarantee anything.  I sunk $2000
in machine work and parts into the modded engine, and frankly i am not
skilled enough to give you the right answer.  I can only say that the
machine shop i took it to (a trusted one and recommended to me) said they
did it and that they did it right.  that's all i can say.  i make no
personal guarantee because i didn't do the work myself.  i'll guarantee what
i do, but not what others do.

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