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Subject: hardtops
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 19:58:09 EDT
73 or so is when they changed the windshield frame, side door beam clearance 
problems with the mounts or some such... the top should still fit, but I've 
run into this before myself, and it was between 2 metal dash cars... so go 
figure. Just proves they weren't built by robots!

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From: (Baker, G.)
Subject: Hardtop

  This may sound stupid and it certainly supprised me but I went to buy
a factory hardtop from this guy with a 1973 B for $300.
I wanted to fit the top before buying and found that it didn't fit.
The distance between the side bracket and the windshield latch was
greater than that distance on the top requiring major manipulation.
The tops should fit all year cars.........right?
Gregg Baker

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