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BGT improvements

Subject: BGT improvements
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 19:58:12 EDT
These days when I have to get something COD UPS I have them send it to 
"Customer Counter - Hold For Pickup" with the address of the local UPS 
terminal. (Santa Cruz in your case) This way I get it in the morning or on 
lunch break instead of at the end of the day, and I don't have to play the 
"is it coming, did I miss the driver, or did the driver lose it in the back 
of the truck somewhere?" game.

Check the racer folks on the fuel cell... Huffaker at Sears Point is where 
I'd start, they can refer you from there... Buying something is almost always 
easier than trying to modify something into what it wasn't intended to 
be...(ditto on the axles)

See GrassRoots MotorSports mag for a long serial on a RX7 motor'd and 
suspended Spitfire, they shortened and used the second gen. RX7 IRS! (web: Their mag also has ads for vintage racer type stuff...

I bet they're running the circuit backwards cause they're afraid of having to 
be collecting spun cars all day at the Big Dipper (turn 4-5-6) <g> In return, 
it should make the straightaway entrance corner combo (I forget what they 
renumbered it as when they added the back section) *very* interesting... I'm 
picturing the run-off area full of cars that forgot that at the end of that 
straight was a flat kink followed by a 120 degree decreasing radius flat 
Sounds like fun though, I love that course but have never gotton to run it in 
reverse. In fact, after a couple of our club members passed the pace car on 
one CSRG lunch-time club tour, and one another time hit the pit wall on a 
"track tour"
(and he's a regular CSRG pilot!) we haven't been getting a lot of club track 
time out there at all!! Oh well.....

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From: Larry Colen <>
Subject: Fueltanks, rearends, BDOG ...

On my list of things I'd like to do with my B is to replace
the fuel tank with a fuel cell.  
A) is it at all advisable to modify a fuel tank and install a bladder
foam etc?  Possibly remove the lower portion and use the top for 
mounting while fabricating a box for the bladder?  Any idea of what this
would cost?

Another dream conversion of mine is to get a rear axle with limited slip,
disc brakes and watts linkage.    Have any of you hot rodders ever had
an axle cut down?  What did it cost? 

cheaper though just to have custom axles made rather than cutting, drilling
etc.  Any ideas of cost?

I've gone through another weekend of incredible frustration.  My replacement
piston ring did not arrive on Friday because UPS does not accept cash for
COD.  I am livid.  I'm asking people to just send a couple of packages 
via someone else rather than UPS.  I know that this won't even register as
a blip in their profit, it's the principle of the thing.
  Saturday I got a notice in the mail that the driving school I teach at will 
be running the 3 mile course at Thunderhill backwards that day.  Do I want to 
show my somewhat seedy looking MGB or do I want to drive my freshly rebuilt 
street/track car
on a track configuration that rarely gets run, when it's been almost
a year since my last chance to drive on the track? 

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