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Re: spark plugs

Subject: Re: spark plugs
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 20:22:48 EDT
I agree with what you are saying about electrical theory, however, OE car 
makers are going to multiple electrode plugs.  And don't forget that car 
makers employ lots of engineers that get paid lots of money to know what 
works.  So why more than one electrode?  Misfire.  Govt. regulations require 
the check engine to come on in the event of misfire, the multiple electrode 
plugs tend to misfire less.
Least ways that's why my employer went to them.
Rick Ewald

In a message dated 8/3/99 8:59:52 PM SA Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> There's lots of what I term "gimmick" plugs out now with multiple 
>  be it 2,3,or4.. The only problem with these is that basic electrical 
>  states that electricity, like water, seeks the path of least resistance. 
> This 
>  means that it's likely that what will happen with these multi-path plugs 
>  that only one conducter is ever actually working, until it wears enough 
>  the path to the next one is now easier, ad infinitum. (unless by some 
>  chance each electrode was exactly the same distance and electrical 
> resistance 
>  as the next) If there's a lot of gas or oil fouling, this *may* help, but 
>  who's to say that the "dormant" electrodes won't be fouled by non-use by 
>  time they are needed to take up the slack from the one that is firing 
>  They do prevent absolute failure of the plug if you have an electrode fail 
> in 
>  some way, but I've never had that happen to me so I don't stay up nights 
>  worrying about it..

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