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Oil Pressure

Subject: Oil Pressure
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 19:58:14 EDT
That noise is *Not Good*. It is big-time wear going on.
If you are using a hanging filter, ok, if you have an inverted filter, get 
rid of it, it is likely draining down when parked. ( I know, they're not 
supposed to, but they often do, and troubleshooting means getting rid of the 
Use a good quality filter from a foreign car specialist. The moss hanging 
filter conversion filter cross references to the same filter as the BMW 318, 
these are good stuff. Don't use a Fram!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oil weight is ok, but I'd try changing the synthetic to qs or castrol 20w50 
conventional as an experiment... as has been discussed several times on this 
list, many synthetics are too smooth for their own good, these are high 
clearance engines compared to modern stuff and it may not be doing the job 
for you.
Your hot pressure is good, and in most climates a cooler is more than worth 
it... I've seen cases where the hot oil pressure on a long drive got 10-15 
pounds better with a cooler added.
Consider getting an oil cooler thermostat.. they mount in the hoses by the 
radiator valance, and keep the oil from flowing to the cooler till it's up to 
about 180.
 More simply, I always dry-crank my motor a couple of times before pulling 
out the choke, this gets it lubed up before it fires. It does sound like your 
motor may be getting worn though. Try replacing the oil pressure relief 
spring and valve (and clean up the valve seating area while you're there) as 
if this is weak it may be bypassing before pressure can build...

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From: "MIKE NADEAU" <>

Hey everyone, when I start my B it seems to take a couple of seconds for the
oil pressure to come up. In the meantime the engine is making all kinds of
noise until it does.(mostly when the choke is on 1500 rpm)

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