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Subject: Re: OIL FILTERS
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:29:50 EDT
Sorry, I'm no help.  Here is my experience.

I  called Ernie the owner of   my trusted MG shop by now. He would tell me 
when to bring or call AAA to have the car towed in to his place.  

Ernie told me to leave the car, get out of his shop, wander around, have 
lunch and come back before 5.  (At 5 pm he closes up, an employee locks the 
fence gate surrounding the shop and turns loose the two huge dogs with the 
big teeth.)

At 4:45 I  return to the shop, bring Ernie and the other guys who does not 
have a name a cold beverage.  I  notice the car is outside the shop.  Ernie  
tell me it's fixed.  I ask him, what was wrong and how much is the bill.  
Ernie gives me a bill with stuff written on it in a foreign language and the 
amount of $61.64 in American money.  Why should I care what was wrong?  Ernie 
makes the point  that I might commit suicide with a wrench.  

Salud...Ernie.  Car starts perfectly, runs fine, 35-40# at warm idle and over 
60# at cruising at 3500rpm

regards..Mel Frank   71MGB GT regular driver

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