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MIA Antenna

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Subject: MIA Antenna
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 12:46:14 -0500
So, a few months ago I took off the antenna that was on the
front right fender of my '73 BGT because it was broke and
discovered that the cable was cut about eight inches from
the base.  This would explain why radio dosen't work very
well.  I put a pice of duct tape over the hole to keep rain
out and to make a good impression with the ladies. (to quote
Red Green, "if the women don't find you handsome, they
better find you handy")  So today I decide to buy a $5
antenna just to fill the hole because the radio isn't that
important to me.(and there were just too many women).  I
stuff the cable of the new antenna into the hole and loosen
the bolt and ZIP....antenna falls through hole into fender.
So, get car on jackstands, remove right front weel, and
proceed to remove splash pannel inside wheel well.  Open it
up and what once was lost now is found.  not only the NEW
antenna but the ORIGINAL antenna is inside the fender still
hooked to the radio.  THIS would explain why the radio
dosen't work very well.  Anyway, I trace the antenna wire,
remove old, install new and HOLY COW, the radio works great!

Just had to tell somebody
David Stecher
Urbandale IA
'73BGT  "fergie"  For Sale

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