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Re: Interesting (Alternators)

To: Jason Dutt <>
Subject: Re: Interesting (Alternators)
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 07:46:36 -0700
But not that simple -- for instance, the 3-wire configuration on a '77
alternator is not the same as the 3-wire configuration on a later alternator.
Splices are among the greatest gremlin areas in automotive wiring and should be
avoided if at all possible.  If buying an alternator, you're better off if it's
terminals match the configuration on your wiring plug.  All of this is IMHO, of
course and YMMV.

Bud Krueger
77MGB (with '78 alternator to match the new BW wiring harness)

Jason Dutt wrote:

> Well, I just answered my own question.  According to the Haynes manual,
> here's the beef on alternator wiring.
> Up to 67 = Generator
> 67-70 = Alternator, 4 wire
> 70-71 = Alternator, 3 wire
> 71-72 = Alternator, 2 wire
> 73-80 = Alternator, 3 wire
> So, apparently the wiring on my car wasn't DPO's finest.  My car's a 72, so
> a 2 wire setup makes perfect sense.
> Best Regards,
> =J=

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