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rad caps

Subject: rad caps
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 10:53:59 EDT
Condition of the cap is more important than pressure rating, but I'd 
certainly go 7 lbs. The late MGB's have a black metal overflow bottle that 
looks much more appropriate that the stuff you find at the general parts 
stores...  also the 68-69 MGC used a similar bottle. It sure looks better 
than red plastic
If the radiator and  bottle both keep emptying out you either have a fluid 
leak in the cooling system or a duff head gasket... cross your fingers

.............. multiple posts including.......
>Bill - My A has the 7 lb. cap and also tends to lose some coolant after
>shutoff, so I doubt the 7lb cap will change your situation...
>I'm also looking at putting in an overflow tank, and would like to hear the
>group's input.

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