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Distributor Problem-need help

Subject: Distributor Problem-need help
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 22:01:38 EDT
'72 B which has been totally reliable for last 10 years didn't start the 
other day.  Had to go to work, but later, after work --started as usual, and 
ran fine that night and the next day.  A week later----same problem.  Here's 
some facts.  It is definately getting fuel.   Took off the cap--cleaned rotor 
--inspected cap -- all looked good.  Hears were it gets a little hairy---due 
to my limited knowlege of distributors.  Did find one wire which was frayed 
in distributor.  Made sure it wasn't grounding anywhere.  The plate which the 
points, and condenser are attached  can be rotated manually by hand ---should 
it return to the original spot when released?   I was able to get it started 
but it's running as if it is highly retarded--no pep ---very slow response.  
I'm sure it's something minor and tomorrow I'll try to figure it out.   Any 
ideas, or its it just time to switch to an electronic ignition?  If so --can 
they be greatly retarded , as I have had to do that to get through emissions. 
 Any help is greatly appreciated.      Jerry

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