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Re: list hat

To: Larry Macy <>
Subject: Re: list hat
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 07:55:45 -0400

I suspect you misunderstood what Skye meant...he didn't create that web
site with IE but simply mentioned something that I have seen also.  If
the HTML code writer is not careful, some things put together with IE
cannot be read/viewed by a Netscape browser.  

We have noted this with our club web site.  I use Netscape and the
webmaster uses the MS product.  On more that one occassion, I've had to
act as a Netscape Beta tester for him.  I tell him that it doesn't work
and he takes some action to fix it.  (Where are standards when we really
need them???)

I can't see the graphic either...didn't even know there was one on that


Larry Macy wrote:
> What????
> You kowtow to the great Washington $$$ Factory. I refuse to use any M$
> product if there is a better one out there. I find Netsacpe more
> reasonable to use. I was going to go see these but now I am hurt.
> C'mon Skye you own a unique automobile - don't use BORG technology. Or at
> least let us "others" in.
> Larry
> >>>>On 8/8/99 11:20 PM so and so (Skye Poier) said. (And I quote:)
> >
> >... and note that you can only see the pictures if you're using Internet
> >Explorer.   :P
> >
> >Skye
> >
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