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RE: Congrats to Parker Whiteway

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Subject: RE: Congrats to Parker Whiteway
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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 11:04:20 -0700
Hi, list,
I recall my first MGA trip back in 1966, which was a non-stop run in pouring
rain (we did have a top) from Paris to Northern Spain (yes, we drove all
night, too) in my cousin's 1600 ( I forget the year, but it's licence was
759 WAR ). We kept blowing wiper fuses, which made driving difficult, to say
the least. Finally tracked the problem to the choke cable somehow shorting
out the electrics. We fixed it with electricians tape. Further testimony to
Lucas, Prince or Darkness!
Nigel Geach
'46 TC (#0710)
'73 Triumph Trident

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> Subject:      Congrats to Parker Whiteway
> Hats off to the list's Parker Whiteway who completed his first club rally.
> Parker and a friend (sorry I don't recall his name) ran in Saturday
> night's 
> Chicagoland MG Club "Lucas Memorial Night Rally" in his $1000 MGA. This 
> despite sporadic rain and his MGA having no top. He was further tested by
> the 
> same gods of Lucas who were being memorialized when near the end of the
> rally 
> he was subjected to a small electrical fire as a parking light wire
> shorted. 
> He was spotted in a parking lot and Jake Snyder and Don Anderson jumped
> into 
> a GT to go back and assist. Parker meanwhile got back on the road on his
> own 
> and completed the rally. How many of you can join Parker and say your
> first 
> rally was a trial by fire?
> Way to go Parker!
> Kim Tonry
> Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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