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Return of Rex

To: MG List <>
Subject: Return of Rex
From: David Hill <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 22:16:01 +0100
Hi, fellow MG owners.

He's here at last. Rex, the '72 Special Tuning BGT has come back home at
last. For those who missed the tale, a friend had bought the car, spent
all his money on wax polish and none on Waxoyl. Result? Car rotten and
Friend 2 bought the car and spent a year doing a full body rebuild-new
floorpans, RH wing and chassis rail. bulkhead ends, etc, etc.
Now the car is back with me in a rather grubby condition, after a year's
use ungaraged. Spent the weekend repairing a small grot hole in the LH
wing and fitting a new front skirt in place of the trashed ST
spoiler-also fitted a new tailgate latch today. 
First impressions after all this time: goes like stink, makes a hell of
a racket-stainless exhaust with a cherry bomb in the middle-and is
terrific fun. Some mechanical work needed-carb needles shot so tickover
mixture v. rich, axle also noisy under load. But....Rex is back and he's
mine. Terrific!!!
BTW the registration is REX 804K, hence the name.


Dave Hill

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