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Re: Fuel Pump

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: Fuel Pump
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 17:36:11 -0400
I have (had) 2 cars with solid state SU fuel pumps. Neither were conversions,
that is, they were advertised as genuine SU solid state pumps. Both were
purchased from the Roadster Factory. The first I purchased about 5 or 6 years
ago, put over 100,000 miles on it, was still running fine when I sold the car

The second pump was purchased about a year ago to replace a stock SU on my GT. I
had previously installed a Fasctet or some such little square pump in parallel
as a back up, when preparing for a long road trip. This saved me when the old SU
crapped out. It also saved me when the new solid state SU stopped after 3
months. Over a period of about 6 months the new SU worked about 1/2 the time,
refusing to work for an hour or a month with no pattern. It has now been
flawless for the last 5 months. My only explaination is "its British".

Jim Stuart

Paul Hunt wrote:

> My factory V8 came to me nearly 5 years ago with an SU pump with Hall-effect
> electronics.  I have done 45k in the car, the PO had it for several years
> but did little mileage, and although he was anal about writing down
> everything he did to the car (that's not to say he fixed everything that was
> wrong with it) he makes no mention of the fuel pump.
> The pump has just started playing sometimes - weak pumping and fuel
> starvation.  I disconnected the fuel pipe at the carb and fed it into a
> bottle so I could test the pump.  Each time I turned it on it would seem to
> make three pumps then miss one, a bit like a horse galloping, before
> settling down to a regular ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk etc.  After it
> had
> been doing this for about 20 secs or so it would stop for a couple of
> seconds before starting again.  During this time I had the end-cap off
> looking at what was happening mechanically.  Eventually it settled right
> down - no more galloping or pauses.
> To be honest I would expect a pump with points and a capacitor to run for at
> least 60k miles, and with a 75 car with the electrics end of the pump in the
> spare wheel well I think I would rather have a points pump and be able to do
> something with them when it fails.  With this pump, if it stops, it is
> stuffed.
> Anyone else had experience of these types of pumps?
> PaulH
> or if that doesn't work try

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