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Re: Clutch slip or ?

To: "MG Nuts" <>
Subject: Re: Clutch slip or ?
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 14:41:00 -0700
Not good. No, it won't have anything to do with the hydraulics (which 
serve to release the clutch) -- the spring tensions the clutch. An oil 
leak is one possibility -- the other is a worn out clutch lining. Either 
one is a major disassembly issue, as you know. I suppose you could 
possibly remove the clutch fork rubber grommet and try to see if you can 
see oil in there. But it really doesn't matter, since it's all going to 
have to come apart anyway. Joy.

Skye Poier had this to say:

>Hey all,
>New problem to deal with, the clutch is slipping under high load.  Noticed
>the oil pressure is down too, which may be related.  I have been driving
>the car in "a spirited manner" lately.
>Question is, are there any simple causes for this symptom like the clutch
>line needs to be bled (yeah right)?  I'm assuming the problem is that the
>engine is dumping dinosaur juice on the clutch, evidenced by the driblets
>of oil under the hole in the transmission housing, but it never hurts to
>consult the wisdom of The List.
>My new (used) distributor is working very nicely, though.  I'm running
>out of things to fix.  Just kidding.
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