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Re: Clutch slip or ?

To: "Skye Poier" <>, "MG Nuts" <>
Subject: Re: Clutch slip or ?
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 21:01:32 +0100
My experience of clutch slip is when the friction material wears down and/or
the springs are no longer exert enough pressure.  This type of problem is
more noticeable in top gear.  Replace clutch.  On the other hand, oil on the
friction plate makes the clutch action very 'sharp' i.e. it is either in or
out, little in between.  Replace crankshaft oil seal (usually).  If the
clutch hydraulics require bleeding the symptom is usually that the gears
crunch even though the pedal is right on the floor, and the clutch starts
engaging very early in the pedal travel i.e. when it is still very near the

or if that doesn't work try

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From: Skye Poier <>
To: MG Nuts <>
Date: 09 August 1999 05:13
Subject: Clutch slip or ?

>Hey all,
>New problem to deal with, the clutch is slipping under high load.  Noticed
>the oil pressure is down too, which may be related.  I have been driving
>the car in "a spirited manner" lately.
>Question is, are there any simple causes for this symptom like the clutch
>line needs to be bled (yeah right)?  I'm assuming the problem is that the
>engine is dumping dinosaur juice on the clutch, evidenced by the driblets
>of oil under the hole in the transmission housing, but it never hurts to
>consult the wisdom of The List.
>My new (used) distributor is working very nicely, though.  I'm running
>out of things to fix.  Just kidding.
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