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clutch (not mine)

Subject: clutch (not mine)
From: Carl French <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 23:24:00 -0400
Ok, now that I know enough to be dangerous under and inside a car my
brother's car lost clutch pressure. He had started getting the same
clutch problem's that I had which were cured by replacing the flex line
(and other things by the time I was done). But today when he was driving
it around for work the clutch started it's normal thing of being slow to
get into gear, increasing pedal pressure that would then go away,
etc..Then all of the sudden during a phase of increased pedal pressure
the pedal just went right to the floor with. He did not lose the line
(no leaks noted and not full, but ok clutch fluid in the MC) he had the
car towed (getting AAA tomorrow). We still think it is related to the
flex line or maybe one of the cylinders and are planning on replaceing
them all in a couple of days. Is it any chance it is something else?
release bearing etc.
Carl F
67B shifting beautifully
Alfred, Maine
Brad F
67BGT not.
Hampton, New Hamster

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