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Re: clutch (not mine)

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Subject: Re: clutch (not mine)
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:31:49 +0100
'Zactly what I am about to do and for the same reason.  I would guess that
the original problem was collapsed inner of the flex, leading to a
valve-effect causing hard pressure, which has blown the seals in the M/C.

or if that doesn't work try

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From: Max Heim <>
To: MG List <>
Date: 10 August 1999 05:50
Subject: Re: clutch (not mine)

>Odds are the MC has gone south. Leaks internally past the seal so it
>generates no pressure, which is why your foot goes to the floor. From
>what I've been seeing, the best practice is to do all three at once --
>master, slave, and flex hose. Otherwise, you spend all the time replacing
>and bleeding it and then -- whammo! -- you're fixing something else.
>Carl French had this to say:
>>Ok, now that I know enough to be dangerous under and inside a car my
>>brother's car lost clutch pressure. He had started getting the same
>>clutch problem's that I had which were cured by replacing the flex line
>>(and other things by the time I was done). But today when he was driving
>>it around for work the clutch started it's normal thing of being slow to
>>get into gear, increasing pedal pressure that would then go away,
>>etc..Then all of the sudden during a phase of increased pedal pressure
>>the pedal just went right to the floor with. He did not lose the line
>>(no leaks noted and not full, but ok clutch fluid in the MC) ...

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