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Petrol rip off

To: "mg's" <>
Subject: Petrol rip off
From: "Scotty" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:47:09 +0930
Fellow listers,
                         the price of petrol in Oz jumped to 77.9 cents per
litre, because our petrol companies charge the 'going world rate' even if
the stuff is our own.

State & Federal Taxes= 43.4 CPL  56% of the total,
Oil Company Revenue= 32.0 CPL   41% of the total,
Dealer margin              = 02.5 CPL   3.o% of the total.
Total                                  77.9 CPL  100%

I used to fill up my Holden Commodore for $53.78 in July, in August I get to
pay $59.25, whoopee lucky eh?

If I sound a bit exasperated it's because I bloody well am! Sorry if I have
offended any one, but paying taxes is low on my list of fun things to do.
Do our prices compare well or badly compared to yours?


John [Scotty} Scott,
Paying heaps for petrol in, Adelaide, South Australia.

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