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Re: It runs!

To: Larry Colen <>,
Subject: Re: It runs!
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 04:10:50 -0700
The good news is that it made it the mile into town.  I had to stop a 
few times to check out noises, adjust belts etc, but no major problems.
The bad news is that the drive home wasn't quite so smooth.  It died
on me several times on the drive home.  I suspect that it has something
to do with the ignition. 

It's possible that it has a loose wire, but I suspect that I wired
the ballast resistor in wrong.  Can anyone give me a clue as to 
how the ballast should be wired in?
The other wiring questions I have (because no wire colors mathc
the schematic in the book) are the lone wire that hooks up to the
alternator and the wire that hooks up to the temp sensor.

The two most likely candidates for either of those are one that is green
and one that is black and white.

I have a '69 BGT with a 4 lead alternator.  Three of the leeds are very 
obvious how they hook up, because they are on one connector, it's the
fourth lead that is giving me problems.

Pardon the incoherency of this post, but it is 4AM.  Sigh, I was hoping
to actually drive her tomorrow.  At least she is running under her own
power and seems to be fairly strong, from what I can tell babying the 
motor during break in.

"I actually like granola".   -Geoff Miller                       

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