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tuning in CO

Subject: tuning in CO
From: James Nazarian Jr <James.Nazarian@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 13:39:58 -0600 (MDT)
For those that offered suggestions on how to tune for more power in
Colorado, I have found my problem.  I gave the car a tuneup over the
weekend and just had it out today for the first time since.  I had never
read my chiltons tuning manual very well so when I got to the part about
balence I just sort of skipped over the page and went to work.  Well I
actually read it over the weekend before tuning and I realized that I 
needed to balence the carbs at off idle as well.  While the carbs were
perfectly balanced at idle the front one was barely comeing off idle when
I hit the gas.  At sea level I guess I was pulling enough air that I was
ok, but at 6000 feet one carb just wasn't cutting it.  I fixed that up and
the car is much more powerful now.  My timing is still at about 23 degrees
BTDC due to a half-ass points replacement during the drive to Ohio so I
look foreward to getting that fixed and having even more power.  Thank you
all again, and I hope that this helps someone else in tuneing their car.

James Nazarian
'71 B roadster
'74 BGT bastardization with big aluminum heart :)

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