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Re: Installing New Top

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Subject: Re: Installing New Top
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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 00:06:29 -0400
I installed a new top on my 77 midget 2 years ago and it wasn't too hard.
Start at the back near the boot. (trunk)  Centering it on the car is
critical.  (This edge should already be finished with a nice hem too.  Study
the old one carefully as you remove it.)  On the 77, the rear is held in
place with a stainless strip and screws that go through the snaps and the
stainless strip.  These are the snaps where the toneau will attach.  Re-use
the old holes or the toneau will never re-attach!

To keep it taught, the front is fastened last with things being pretty snug
on the frame so that the final clamping action brings it up really snug.
The front piece on a 77 is riveted into place riveting through the an
aluminum channel that holds the front rubber weather strip.  This took a bit
of ingenuity not to dent the aluminum strip that the rubber weather strip
slides into.  I had to slide a couple of small 4x40 nuts over the pop rivet
"nail" so that the pop rivet tool was spaced far enough from the aluminum so
that it only worked on the rivet and not on the channel edges.  (By the way,
use a chalk or other contrasting marker to mark the spacing for the pop
rivets on the front rail where the new top won't cover the marks before you
drill out the old ones - simplifies finding the right places to re-insert
the rivets later.  (The pop rivets drill out perfectly with a 1/8 inch drill

I was at Barnes and Noble recently and saw a magazine titled MG (it was a
British magazine that Barnes and nobles carries here in Rochester.)  The
Magazine had a whole article with nice pictures on replacing the top on an
MGB.  You might try picking up a copy of this magazine if you have access to
Barnes and Noble near you.  Of course there are small differences between
years and between B's and midgets.  It's does take some patience.  Allocate
about 2 to 4 hours to get it done right.  You'll need at least one extra set
of hands, maybe 2, to keep things nicely in position as the rivets on the
front get inserted.

Hope this helps.
Dick - 77 Midget

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Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 11:05 PM
Subject: Installing New Top

>We just received the a new top for our 74 Midget. Plans call for
>installation this weekend. The top is from Moss. It came with limited
>instructions - which basically read "take it to an expert" . Any advice
>out there? Can I do it myself? Should I do it when its cool, or warm for
>expansion? Start in the back and work forward or visa versa?  Any
>special suggestions for doing the snap installations?
>Thanks to all in advance. Love reading the list everyday. Wish I could
>be more help to those with technical questions.
>Don Hicks
>Kent, CT
>70 BGT -" Morris"
>74 Midget

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