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Petrol rip off

Subject: Petrol rip off
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:57:07 GMT
CANADA reporting in...

In the great prairie land in central Canada, our price just increased to
$0.64 per litre which is $2.33 per US gallon by my calculations. Of course,
any Americans visiting Canada can cut 1/3 off that price because of the
large foreign exchange premium they get when buying $Cdn.

In our neighbouring province, Alberta, home of free enterprise and
bowlegged cowboys, it is .10 per litre cheaper. Like the US report that
stated over 50% of the price is represented by taxes, the same applies here
- the last reported numbers were 54% taxes going to various levels of govt,
and that would NOT include the income taxes, property taxes etc that oil
companies also pay and have to build into their sales price.

Complaints are usually aimed at the gouging oil companies,,,, what about
those gouging govts??

At least our city is small (200,000), from outskirts to downtown takes only
15 minutes, so I save on quantity if not on the price of gas (oops - I mean
petrol Scotty).

Andrew Martens
sunny Regina, Saskatchewan
73 MGB -

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