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Re: Petrol rip off

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Subject: Re: Petrol rip off
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 21:51:22 -0500
I hear tell they're making it illegal to own firearms in those high-tax
countries too...coincidence? hmmm....No Tea Parties for you! (not that we'd
dump petrol into the river, it makes a better fire) In an old engine, of
"They" are trying to outlaw my guns too, just because of some idiots,...and
as soon as "they" do (we're supposed to be a govt. of and by the people),
they'll start working on my MGB and then when us "revolutionary" "Yanks"
become complacent about taxes and gun laws...well...get ready to start
paying more taxes! Just MHO. I don't "need" a gun...I don't "need" a sports
car...I don't "need" a riding lawnmower or power tools.
Sorry for the "rant", it's my Scottish blood, don'tcha know.
Dan - typical American
73 B
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Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 11:07 AM
Subject: RE: Petrol rip off

>All you chaps in the USA have it so good...........
>In the UK, it is 70pence a litre, that's about $5 a gallon - leaded is
>somewhat more (while we can still get it).
>Chris Nevard
>71 MG Midget
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>From: George Procyshyn []
>Sent: 10 August 1999 16:58
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>Subject: Re: Petrol rip off
>Lets see, in Cleveland Ohio fuel is about $1.14 a gallon.  Took a trip to
>Indiana the other day and
>fuel prices were as low as .99 cents a gallon.  Filled up my van for less
>than $20.
>> I used to fill up my Holden Commodore for $53.78 in July, in August I get
>> pay $59.25, whoopee lucky eh?
>> If I sound a bit exasperated it's because I bloody well am! Sorry if I
>> offended any one, but paying taxes is low on my list of fun things to do.
>> Do our prices compare well or badly compared to yours?
>> CUL6R,
>> John [Scotty} Scott,
>> Paying heaps for petrol in, Adelaide, South Australia.

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