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Re: MGA inter tie rods...

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Subject: Re: MGA inter tie rods...
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:53:09 +0100
Not sure about the terminology, but if by 'inter tie rod' you mean the rod
that comes out of the rubber boot each side, that is not shimmed.  There is
a ball joint where it meets the rack with a spring between the two.  The
ball housing is tightened until a force of 32 to 52 pound *inches* is
required to move it, then the locknut is tightened to 33 to 37 pound *feet*,
then the lips of the locking ring are punched into the grooves in the ball
housing and rack.  The manual recommends that the locking ring is replaced
if disturbed, but take great care if you do, it has a very fine thread on a
relatively large diameter and it is very easy to cross-tread it.

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From: Dean Crowley <>
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Date: 11 August 1999 02:04
Subject: MGA inter tie rods...

>I seem to have some play in the front end. I ordered new wheels and hubs
>today to fix part of the problem but.
>I think the wobble in the steering wheel at high speeds is coming from a to
>much play in the inter tie rod.
>I have new outer tie rods.
>Question.    Can you take off the inter tie rods without removing the
>rack? Anyone know where you can
>find the parts to shim the inter tie rod. The lock washer plate or the

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