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Re: MG Oil

To: "John Walker" <>, "Terry O'Brien" <>,
Subject: Re: MG Oil
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:44:42 +0100
The Leyland Workshop Manual specifies 10W/40, 10W/50 and 20W/50 as being
suitable for all temps above -10 degrees C.

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From: John Walker <>
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Date: 10 August 1999 21:34
Subject: MG Oil

>At 01:06 PM 8/10/99 -0700, Terry O'Brien wrote:
>>great suggestions Simon, but I have just one more...engine oil.  Why
>>put in 20/50 when the manual calls for 10/40?  (yes, I have 20/50 in
>>the shifter)  In the instant case, the engine was recently refreshed
>>wigh great compression and oil pressure.  i know this has been
>>discussed in the past, but it may be time to hash it over
>>again...better than discussing felines...
>Hmm.  That's interesting.  My manual calls for 20/50 to be used everywhere
>in the car except for the steering rack boots.  I have no references to
>10/40 in
>my manual what so ever.
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