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Midget Tonneau & convertible top boot

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Subject: Midget Tonneau & convertible top boot
From: (Gary R Hacker)
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 06:40:26 -0700
It has been a great summer for driving the MG here in the Northwest.
Thanks to all the great listers who have helped me keep the 75 B on the
road.  Last evening I took it to visit my brother-in-law who had had a
Midget in the early 80's.  He hadn't seen my B and when I arrived he got
excited and started telling me great old MG experience stories.  Anyway,
he went to the attic and got his original tonneau and convertible top
boot and offered them to me. His Midget is long gone to pay for a family
station wagon.  Since I have a B, they don't fit my car, but I thought I
might offer them in trade or whatever to the list.  They are in good
condition (no rips,tears, etc.) and in what appears to be the original
cloth carry bags.  I would love to trade for a tonneau for my B, but
would consider anything in the way of  MG parts or ?

Bob Hacker
1975 MGB (Red)
Vancouver, Washington

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